Asociación Babelia is delighted to announce that, with the support of the Concejalía de Residentes de l’Alfàs del Pi and Pangea Office, we are holding an informative talk in l’Alfàs del Pi on Wednesday 12th of August at 10 AM for those UK nationals who have not yet applied for residency. We would especially like to extend this invitation to those who may struggle with the paperwork.

If you are interested in attending this talk or in receiving individual advice afterward, please confirm your assistance by email to or by calling the phone number 629816197.

For more information, please continue reading the following article published by the Town Hall of l’Alfàs del Pi:

L’Alfàs will host a talk addressed to British people who have not yet regularized their situation before Brexit

The auditorium of the Casa de Cultura de l’Alfàs del Pi will host on August 12, at 10 am , an informative talk aimed at British residents who have not yet regularized their situation in Spain in order to help them in the management of your residency applications. An initiative aimed especially at people who face greater difficulties, whether due to language, literacy or access to technology barriers or because they are people with chronic diseases or disabilities.

This activity is organized by the Babelia Association , in collaboration with the Residents Department of the l’Alfàs del Pi City Council and the Pangea Office . The day will begin with a talk on the support line launched by the British Government to support those UK residents in European countries who find it more difficult to complete their residence applications, a necessary procedure to ensure and maintain their rights in the countries of the European Union after Brexit.

Next, all the doubts raised by the assistants about the residency process in Alicante will be answered. Finally, individual assistance will be offered to those residents who have greater difficulties in processing residency applications.

The Councilor for Residents, Martine Mertens , has met with representatives of the Babelia Association to close the last fringes of this event, with which it is intended to provide practical support to British residents who have not yet regularized their situation for different reasons, since Either because they do not have access to technology, because theyrequire help with the translation or interpretation of documents, because they have mobility problems, are chronically ill or have a disability.

People who are interested should confirm their attendance by sending an email with their name and telephone number to the address . Those people who do not have access to new technologies, can call the telephone number 629816197.

Due to the restrictions set by the current situation derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, capacity is limited and the use of a mask is required, as well as the adoption of social distancing measures .

The Babelia association was born in 2004 as a non-profit organization whose main objective revolves around the promotion and strengthening of intercultural coexistence and equal opportunities within Spanish society. Now he has been commissioned by the British Government to provide support to British residents in Alicante, to ensure their rights of residence after the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Processing of the TIE

Martine Mertens has also informed that those British residents who already have a green card, can change it directly to a TIE (Foreign Identity Card) following the instructions that they will find on the Babelia website (, under the section ‘Switching from de (Green) Certificate of Residency to a TIE’.

The councilor stressed the importance of carrying out all the procedures in a timely manner to ensure and maintain her residence rights.

Source: Ayuntamiento de l’Alfàs del Pi