Lack of appointments for fingerprints in Alicante (TIE card)

“No appointments available” (No hay citas disponibles)!

Is this what you get when trying to make an appointment for your fingerprints to be taken? The Spanish authorities aknowledge the lack of appointments that not only affects UK nationals but other procedures for different other nationalities as well. Our advice is that you keep trying as many of you have done and finally succeeded to secure an appointment during the last weeks.

If you need instructions on how to book an appointment with police or how to pay the fee 790 code 012, Asociación Babelia has developed following unofficial Tutorials:

Tutorial on Exchanging your (Green) Certificate of Residency or your ‘Resolución de Concesión’ for a TIE card in Spain.

Tutorial on How to complete and pay the fee form 790 code 012 for the TIE residency card in Spain.

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