Healthcare in Spain – How to register the S1 form

The S1 is one of the three main ways to access healthcare in Spain.

In order to ensure healthcare coverage in Spain, S1 holders must register the form with the Spanish authorities, providing their Green residency document or TIE and updated certificate of empadronamiento (Padrón or registration at your local town hall).


This article is only for orientation purposes and it does not represent any official sources of information. Please bear in mind that criteria may be different from an Immigration Office to another. For specialised advice on this matter, you may wish to seek individualised legal advice from an expert lawyer in the immigration field, or from the immigration department at your local town hall, at different organisations providing legal advice to third-country nationals, or at the Immigration Office (Oficina de Extranjería).

The S1 form can be registered in person or online:

Registering the S1 In person

There are two options to register your S1 in person.

1. Through an official Registry

You can send the required documents to the INSS through an official registry like the one at your town hall (make sure that your town hall has the capacity to communicate with the INSS). 

Depending on the town and the corresponding health center, in some cases, a social worker at your tow hall or at the local health center may be able to help with this procedure.

The required documentation is the following:

  • S1 form
  • Passport and photocopy of the identification page
  • TIE card, Green residency certificate or the favourable resolution received from Extranjería if you haven’t been able to exchange none of them for the TIE
  • S1 registration form completed and signed (see example above)
  • Empadronamiento certificate

2. At the National Social Security Institute

The second option is to book an appointment with the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and go there in person taking all the documentation needed.

Booking an appointment with the INSS may be challenging depending on your province/town, given the lack of availability. If you’d like to try, click on in this link.

There, you will have to complete the form with your personal details, as shown in the example below:

The phone number to be provided has to be a Spanish number. This will be used to contact you in case you request a phone call appointment or to send you an SMS as a reminder for your appointment in person.

In the form, you have to select one of the three options available for the appointment search. 

The options are the following:

  1. “I want the first appointment available at the healthcare center closest to the following postal code” 

In this case you will have to indicate your preferred postal code in the grey box.

  1. “I want the first appointment available at the healthcare center in this province” 
  2. “I prefer to select the healthcare center, the day and time in this province”

In the case that you choose options 2 or 3, you will have to select the province, as shown in the screenshot below:

Finally, you will have to reply to a simple security question to confirm you are not a robot. 

In this case, the question is 5×8. As the answer is 40, you will have to type “Cuarenta” in the answer box as shown in the screenshot below. You will always receive 5 options  (in this case: Español, Cuarenta, Clavo, Azada, Franco) among which there is the correct answer to the question.

Click on “Siguiente” and you will be redirected to the list of appointments that you can request.

Select the option “SOLICITUD DE OTRAS PRESTACIONES (salvo IMV)” and click on “Seleccionar y Continuar”.

If you are lucky, a list of the appointments available will appear. You will have to select one of the options. 

Unfortunately, you are quite likely to receive the following message:

This means that there are no appointments available at the moment and that you can submit your application online.

Considering the likelihood of receiving this message given the lack of appointments at the Social Security Institute, the easiest option to submit your application in person is to contact your town hall and book an appointment with the Registration Office.

Registering the S1 ONLINE

Considering the lack of appointments available at the INSS, the online option is currently the most practical.

The S1 form can be registered online using the Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (INSS) online portal even if you don’t have a digital certificate installed in your computer.

* If you are applying as a dependent on an S1 holder, complete the first section with your details and the second one with the S1 holder’s.

To register your S1 online, you will need the following documents:

  • Scanned S1 form  
  • a completed healthcare application form – available at the following link: S1 registration form (in Spanish).
  • The identification page of your passport properly scanned 
  • properly scanned TIE, or favourable resolution received from Extranjería (if you still have to exchange your green certificate for the TIE, access the following article: Exchange the Green Residency Document for a TIE)
  • properly scanned Empadronamiento certificate
  • if you are applying as a dependent on the S1 holder, proof of family relationship

Additional requirements:

  • an email address
  • a Spanish telephone number
  • your NIE (número de identidad de extranjero)

Registration process

Complete the S1 registration form as indicated above and download it on your PC. Please find below an example of how to complete this form.

Access the following link: and click on ‘enviar solicitud’ as shown in the screenshot below:

Application access

First of all, you need to provide a valid email address. Once you write it in the box as shown below, click on “no soy un robot” and then on “confirmar correo”.

You will receive an email at the email address provided with a code as the one below:

Write the code you received in the box as shown below:

Complete the identification details as requested and click on “hacer foto” to take a picture of you holding your TIE card as illustrated below.

Afterwards, you are required to upload the front and back of your TIE (or passport if you haven’t yet exchanged your Green Residency Document or your favourable resolution received from Extranjería for a TIE still) in jpg or png format. Once you have uploaded the document, click on “continuar

Application data

You will be directed to another step where you will have to provide your address and contact information as in the example here below. 

The box “informactióon adicional” allows you to provide any information you consider relevant for your application.

In the following step, you will have to upload first your TIE or passport and in the section “formulario solicitud” the completed application form (see example above).

You can also add additional documents you could consider relevant to your application by clicking on “Puedes arrastrar el fichero o haz clic para poder subirlo desde tu ordenador”.

Click on “Sí, doy mi consentimiento” to agree with the use of your personal data for the National Social Security Institute to contact you.

Confirm you are not a robot as you did in previous steps and finally click on “Firmar solicitud” and “continuar”.

You will be asked to confirm your email address once again, therefore you will receive an email at the email address provided with a code as the one here below:

Provide the code as requested and finally, in the box below, make your signature using your mouse, your trackpad or your touchscreen.

After clicking on “continuar”, you should see the following message:

This means that your application has been successfully submitted.

In this message you will see your application tracking number (código de seguimiento), keep it!

The application receipt can be downloaded by clicking on “descargar solicitud”.

You will receive an email confirming the submission of your application indicating the same tracking number as in the message above. In this email you are also informed that in case of any additional data or document needed you will receive another email indicating the missing information that you will have to submit accessing the link “este enlace” that you will find in the mail body. This will redirect you to the section “consultar estado/aportar documentación” in which you will find the documentation you already provided as well as the summary sheet of your application.

Check the status of your application

Once your application has been submitted, you can check the status of it by clicking onYa he presentado una solicitud y quiero conocer su estado y/o aportar más documentación” at the following link: 

You will be asked to provide the tracking number of your application and your NIE number.

Click on “recibir código de acceso” to receive  via email the code to access your application.

Provide the code, confirm you are not a robot and finally click on “continuar”. 

Communication of the completed S1 registration 

Once your S1 has been successfully registered you will receive an email like the one below.

This email informs you that your application status is now “Resuelta”, namely resolved. Access the link indicated in the email and check the status of your application.

If your application has been approved and your S1 has been registered, you will receive a Spanish document certifying your entitlement to national healthcare as the one here below:

In order to start accessing the national healthcare and having your family doctor assigned to you, you should take this document to the health center of your area and apply for the SIP card.

You can find your nearest health center in the following link:

Here below an example of a Valencian Community SIP card: