Guide on how to answer a requirement from the Immigration Office (Extranjería)

Once your application for residency has been submitted, The Immigration Office (Oficina de Extranjería) may request additional documentation from you to support your application. There are two ways of sending these additional documents to Extranjería: in person or online.

To do it in person, you need to go to a public registry; for a list of your nearest offices please click here. It may be necessary to book an appointment beforehand.

If you decide to submit the documents online, it can be done now through the Mercurio platform instead of ADAE. Here at Babelia, we’re quite happy about this change as in our experience the Mercurio platform is more user friendly than ADAE.

Babelia has developed the following unofficial tutorial to guide you through the process.

Technical Requirements

Before starting, make sure that:

  • Your Operating System is updated
  • AutoFirma Application is correctly installed on your computer
  • Your Digital Certificate is correctly installed on your computer
  • Your internet connection is stable

Procedure step by step

  1. Access the Mercurio online platform by clicking on the following link:

Scroll down and click on: ‘Acceder a solicitudes…’ as shown in the image below:

2. Scroll down and click on ‘CONTINUAR’:



5. Once the system has identified you through your digital certificate, your name and NIE will appear on the screen. Then click on ‘Aportar documentos a expedientes‘.

Seleccionar aportar documentos

6. Write down your NIE number in the first box OR the number of your application (Nº de expediente) in the one below and click on ‘ACEPTAR

Anotar número de NIE o bien de Expediente

7. Select the button on the right and then click on ‘Adjuntar documentos’.

Seleccionar expediente

8. If the applicant and the ‘representative/presenter’ (person submitting the application) who is the Digital Certificate holder are NOT the same person, then you will need to fill out and upload this authorisation form signed by the applicant allowing the Digital Certificate holder or representative/presenter to respond to Extranjería’s requirement on behalf of the applicant. Select ‘Examinar’ to upload the authorisation form from you computer and then click on ‘ADJUNTAR DOCUMENTO‘.

If the applicant is the digital certificate holder, then jump to next step.

Subir designación de representante

9. Depending on your province, Extranjería would send you a requirement where the last page, entitled APORTACIÓN DE DOCUMENTACIÓN,has to be completed and signed by the applicant, listing the documents provided in answer to the requirement. This document has also to be uploaded alongside with the requested ones. See example below.

Aportación de documentación

10. Now, it is time to upload the requested documents.

  • First, Select ‘Examinar…’ to choose the documents you need to upload from your computer.
  • Then click on the Categoría drop-down list to select the option that fits your situation. 

– ‘Contestación a un requerimiento (tasas)’ for when Extranjería asked you to submit payment of a fee.

Contestación a un requerimiento (otros)’ for when you have received a requirement from Extranjería.

A instancias del interesado’ for when it is the applicant who decides to submit additional documentation without or before having received any requirement from Extranjería.

  • Then, do the same with Tipo selecting the option that fits the document you are about to upload. 
  • In the last box you should write a  short sentence describing the document.
  • Then, click on ‘ADJUNTAR DOCUMENTO’.

Repeat the previous steps with every document you need to submit.

Please note that:

  • The maximum size of a document has to be under 6mb.

Subir documentación

11. After uploading all the necessary documents, click on ‘CONTINUAR

Seleccionar continuar

12. On the next step, Scroll down to electronically sign and record the submission of the additional documents by clicking on ‘FIRMAR Y REGISTRAR

Firmar y registrar

13. You will be asked then to confirm the selected digital certificate. Click on ‘OK’ if that’s the correct one.

Confirmar certificado digital

14. Now that you have submitted and signed the response to the requirement, the last step would be to download and save the document that shows that you have submitted additional proof to support  your application by clicking on ‘DESCARGAR RESGUARDO’. Well done!

Descargar resguardo

That’s it! CONGRATULATIONS, your additional documentation and response to Extranjería’s requirement has been submitted, so now you need to wait for further communication from Extranjería.




You can keep track of the status of your application by sending  an SMS with your NIE (example: NIE X0101010Y) or the reference number of your application (example: EXPE 0101010101010101) to the following phone number: 600 12 43 77. It is our understanding that there is no charge for this service.

You can also check the status of your application through the following link:

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