Please be aware that the Spanish authorities have updated the restrictions on entry to Spain for UK nationals temporarily due to COVID-19 pandemic. See information below extracted from the Spanish Ministery of Foreign Affairs Website:

IMPORTANT: New rules will apply to enter Spain from the UK.
Who can and can’t travel to Spain from the UK starting 30th March?
Since Brexit, the UK is considered a non-EU country, therefore, according to the Orden INT/657/2020.

  • British citizens (as 3rd country nationals) can’t travel to Spain at the moment, in general terms.
  • EU citizens and their relatives -including British ones-, can.

This is a temporary regulation which restricts 3rd country nationals entering Spain for public health reasons due to the COVID-19 health crisis.
Can a UK citizen married to a Spanish national travel to Spain from 30th March?
Yes, as long as they can show the relevant documents.
What about a baby born in the UK who only has a British passport and whose mother is Spanish?
Yes, as long as the relevant documents can be shown.
Are there any exceptions for non-EU citizens?
Yes, the Orden specifies exemptions allowing entrance in Spain for non-EU citizens (including British citizens) in the following cases:

  • A) residents of the EU, Schengen states, Andorra, the Vatican and San Marino who are travelling to their place of residence
  • B) long term Spanish visa holders
  • C) health care professionals and carers who travel for work
  • D) transport workers
  • E) diplomats, military and members of international organisations
  • F) students with permission or Spanish visas and medical insurance
  • G) highly qualified professionals in some justified cases
  • H) people who are travelling for essential and justified family matters
  • I) force majeure cases, necessary situations or humanitarian reasons
  • J) residents of countries not affected by the restrictions, in some cases (see anex of the Orden)

Bear in mind that British regulations also apply to citizens currently in the UK and, at the moment international travel is banned except in certain cases.

For further information, please visit: Travel advice coronavirus (COVID-19).