Installation of AutoFirma

Note: this is an unofficial guide developed by Asociación Babelia to help you install AutoFirma on your computer.

[Source: Portal Administración Electrónica del Gobierno de España]


What is AutoFirma?

AutoFirma is a Spanish government desktop application, which allows you to electronically sign different Administrative documents and procedures on your computer in a simple way.

What can I use it for?

Autofirma allows you to carry out two operations: 

  1. To electronically sign documents on the computer, such as PDFs; in which case, a standard installation is sufficient.
  1. To electronically submit documentation signed with a Digital Certificate. Therefore, carrying out administrative procedures online, such as the Residency Application; in which case, the installation of the application must be made with administrator privileges.

Please note that for many adminitrative procedures you will also need to abtain a Digital Certificate. Please see our tutorial here.

How to Install Autofirma

  1. Download AutoFirma Application

You will have to download the latest version of the software depending on what Operating System you are using (Windows, MacOS or Linux). You can download the software from the following website: 

For this tutorial, we have used Windows.

The Application will be downloaded as a ‘.zip’ file that you will have to decompress. To do that click on the Tools tab, and then click the Unzip and Install button.

  1. Install AutoFirma

After downloading the Autofirma application, you will have to follow the installation process as shown in the pictures below.

If during the installation process a Web browser such as Chrome or Firefox is detected as open, the program will automatically ask you to close it in order to continue with the installation.




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