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Intercultural and Community Mediation Services


Intercultural and Community Mediation Services (ICMS)


The Intercultural and Community Mediation Service (ICMS) is an initiative offered by the Psycho-pedagogical Office of the Mutxamel Town Hall whose main objective is to promote intercultural coexistence and social inclusion of the migrant population residing in the municipality.

Target group

This is a service aimed largely at assisting the migrant population, the main purpose being that of promoting equal educational opportunities and promoting migrants’ social inclusion into our host society by providing information and guidance on topics related to immigration and access to the city’s public and community resources, essentially with regard to the schooling of minors. Likewise, the service aims at assisting the local population, Spaniards who were born abroad, and returnees.

Services provided

In addition to offering personalized attention at its office located at Casal del Ravalet and the Multipurpose Social Center of the Mutxamel Town Hall, the ICMS facilitates:

Linguistic mediations in Arabic, French, English and Russian between newly arrived migrants in Mutxamel and town hall technicians, school centers, health services and other public entities.

Training courses for professionals on topics related to immigration, culture, communication and intercultural mediation.

Activities and workshops aimed at school centers on topics related to sustainable development, ethnic diversity and intercultural education.

Talks and workshops aimed at the migrant population related to immigration procedures, the process for obtaining Spanish nationality, including culture and intercultural communication.

Human resources

This service is carried out by an intercultural mediation from the Association Babelia in continuous coordination with the team of the Mutxamel Psycho-pedagogical Office, the Department of Education, including other municipal services, school centers, other public entities, associations and NGOs.

Contact information

Previous appointment:

Multipurpose Social Center, Avenida Carlos Soler, 64.

Telephone: 965956440


Centro Cívico Casal del Ravalet, Calle Rafael Poveda Torregrosa, 6.

Telephone: 965955696 ó 965955910 (ext. 140)