La otra mirada

The Migrant Assistance Office Pangea, from the Department of Immigration of the City of Alicante, has organised a cycle of workshops about Women and Migration named LA OTRA MIRADA’ (THE OTHER LOOK).

This activity aims to create a support and empowerment group for migrant women, and we will start with 5 sessions to create synergies, form a group and organise the topics that may interest us.

The first workshop will take place next Wednesday, 23 February, at 11:30 am at Centro-14 Unamuno (Unamuno 1, Alicante). We’ll talk about Violence against Women Prevention, the difference between sex and gender. We’ll talk about machoism, feminism, roles, myths and other interesting ideas from an intercultural perspective.If you want to take part, you only have to write an email with your name, last name and your phone number to:

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