Migratory grief. Learning to fly.

Have you ever migrated and had the feeling that you are not yourself? Do you notice that there have been changes, but you are not sure which ones? We know that migration involves many changes, and many things are lost along the way, Have you thought about how these changes have impacted your personality and who you are as an individual?

We invite you to attend the event to know better how migration affects us from a psychological perspective. Luz María Arias, psychologist and a trainer, will explain to us how this inner journey changes us negatively and positively.

It would be a pleasure to see you on Friday the 3rd of June at the University headquarters of Alicante (c/ Ramón y Cajal, classroom 2.1) at 6 pm.

There is a practical activity planned for 12 people, so please, confirm your attendance by writing an email to the following address:  empathy@asociacionbabelia.org