Obtaining a Digital Certificate in Spain

Note: this is an unofficial tutorial developed by Asociación Babelia to guide you through the process of obtaining a digital certificate.


What is a Digital Certificate?

A Digital Certificate (Certificado Digital) – also called an Electronic Certificate – is a digital document installed on your browser to accredit your identity online.

What can I use it for?

With the Digital Certificate, your paperwork with the Public Administration and Private Entities can be processed securely online. It allows you to manage a wide range of administrative processes from your own computer. These may include:

  • Submitting your residency application
  • Accessing the municipal register (Padrón) and other procedures at your local town hall
  • Filing of tax returns and payment of your tax bill
  • Lodging appeals and claims
  • Queries regarding traffic fines
  • Consultations and procedures regarding applications for grants
  • Consultations regarding the designation of polling stations
  • Administrative notifications
  • Use of the electronic signature on official documents and forms

Please note that for some of the above procedures you will also need to install AutoFirma. Please see our tutorial here.

Thanks to the Digital Certificate, you can say goodbye to many unnecessary trips to government offices and long queues.

In the following you will find more information about some of the services available to you: http://www.cert.fnmt.es/certificados/donde-usar-certificado

How to obtain your Digital Certificate

Before starting, be aware that:

  • You will need to install Autofirma (See our Guide)
  • You will need your NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero)
  • The entire process of applying for and obtaining the certificate must be done from the same computer, with the same user, and not formatting the computer during the process
  • Make sure to have an latest version of your browser

The 4 Steps

1. Download and Install the required software

You will need to download the appropriate version of the software depending on what Operating System you are using (Windows, MacOS or Linux). You can download the software from this website.

For this tutorial, we are using Windows.

To download the software, you will have to follow the installation process as shown in the pictures below:

Once installed, the software will automatically activate when you reach the designated step on your request at the FNMT website.

2. Applying for the Digital Certificate

You can apply for a Software Certificate from the Sede Electrónica website. On the site, click on the link “SOLICITAR EL CERTIFICADO” as shown in the image below.

The personal information you are asked to provide is the following: 

  • Nº del documento de identificación: Your NIE.
  • Primer Apellido: Your surname.
  • Correo electrónico: the email address that you wish to use for this process.
  • (Email address confirmation)

After completing your information, DO NOT PRESS “ENVIAR PETICIÓN”

Instead, press the link below “Pulse aquí para consultar y aceptar las condiciones de expedición del certificado“. You will see the terms of use and privacy policy of your Digital Certificate. Scroll down and click on “Acepto las condiciones de expedición” to accept the privacy policy.

Then, click on“ Enviar petición” to send your application. 

A pop-up will appear on the top of your screen, like the one below:

Click on “Abrir ConfiguradorFnmt

You will now be required to write down a password for your Digital Certificate.  Type a password you are sure you will remember. Then click on “Aceptar“.

After sending your application, you will receive an email – like the one in the picture below – with a link and an application code. 

3. Prove your Identity 

At this stage, you will need to go in person to a registry office recognized by the FNMT so your identity can be verified. Check the following link for the nearest Punto de Registro: https://www.accv.es/encuentra-tu-pru/

You can also seek information at your local town hall.

You will be required to provide the following documents:

  1. The request code that has been sent to your email address
  2. Passport
  3. NIE

You can find the list of offices where you can verify your identity at this link. You may also be able to do this at your local INSS, INEM, PROP or SUMA offices. 

4. Download your Digital Certificate 

To download your Digital Certificate you need to access the link you will have received via email. 

Click on the link “Descarga de su Certificado de Persona Física” and you will access the following page:

Input your NIE, Surname and the code indicated in the previous email, and then accept the privacy policy as done in the first step.

A key generator application will ask you to enter the password you indicated at the time of the request (page 7) and will ask you if you want to make a backup copy at that time (recommended), once the copy has been made (only in the case of having marked ” Yes “), the certificate will be installed.

After completing the steps detailed above, you will be able to download the Digital Certificate to your computer and install it into your browser by pressing the option Instalar Certificado that will appear on your screen.

[Source: Agencia Tributaria]

For more information:

FAQs – Tax Agency (in English)

Video – how to obtain a digital certificate (in Spanish)

To add automatically generated English subtitles to the video above, click on the settings icon, then on the “Subtitles/CC” option.

Select the “Spanish auto-generated” option.

Now select the Subtitles/CC option again.

A new option will appear, “Autotranslate”.

Click on it and select your preferred language.

You will now be able to see the video with subtitles in your preferred language.

Please bear in mind that these subtitles are automatically generated and therefore may not be fully accurate.




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