Paper, please

Nothing compares to emigrating to an unknown country and not knowing what awaits you tomorrow, but…

During last Friday’s collective performance organised by Solidaridad Internacional, people attending the event were able to get some idea of what the experience can be like: misunderstandings with the Law Enforcement Agencies, bureaucratic labyrinths, bribes… This time there was a happy ending, but we know that in real life this is not always the case. If you missed it and you have the chance, we recommend you attend this event in the future.

This week we will take a break, but next week we will continue our weekly meetings with Juan Antonucci, an expert in Immigration Law, who will talk about different ways of regularisation related to ties. We remind you we change the day and place this time, so we will meet on Thursday 21 April at 4 pm, at the Centre of Associations and Volunteering in Alicante (c/ Serrano 5, ground floor establishment).