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Babelia participates in the development of the Empathy project

Since January 2021, Babelia Association participates in the development of the Empathy project, funded by Erasmus+, which is part of a European initiative involving other associations from different countries.

The project aims to prevent the spread of hatred and intolerance towards the “different”, towards the “other”, while creating a new discourse on the phenomenon of migration and building bridges with the host society.

The initiative seeks to empower the young people involved in it, both migrants and locals, and to encourage the active participation of all of them.

Empathy aims to bring together young migrants and young people from the place of origin, forming a mixed working group, from which the future “agents of equality and change” will emerge. Together they will work on the creation of an integration program in which young migrants will be guided by local youth.

The project will be developed in three phases: orientation, integration and inclusion, and will be carried out in coordination with local associations and entities with extensive experience in the field of migration. It will run for 24 months simultaneously in countries such as Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain.

For more information, visit the Empathy website.