Residency Application Rejected?

Have you submitted an application for residency that has been rejected by the Immigration Office (Extranjería)?

We really want to know your story so we can raise it with the UK government and the Spanish authorities.

Instead of Asociación Babelia discussing individual cases with the Immigration Office, we  would like to offer insight into the struggles many UK nationals are facing in this process.

In order for Asociación Babelia to gather accurate information we need your help. If this has happened to you, please complete our Survey on Residency Rejection for UK Nationals in Spain.

If you have any children or dependent family members whose applications have also been rejected, please complete an individual form for each one of them.

Your answers are entirely anonymous – so please be honest about your individual circumstances and the reasons why your application has been rejected. 

The survey will take approximately between 3 and 4 minutes to complete and participation is entirely voluntary.