Tutorial on how to download essential documents from the Social Security Website

If you are working in Spain and you are affiliated with the Spanish Social Security System, one of the documents required by the Immigration Office (Extranjería) for the residency application regards the proof of being employed or self-employed in Spain.

There are several Social Security documents that can be provided, this guideline aims to explain step by step how to download those usually required by Extranjería.

There are three options to access these documents: Digital Certificate, SMS and Cl@ve. This tutorial explains how to do it through the first two options.

  1. Access the Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social portal by clicking on the following link https://portal.seg-social.gob.es/wps/portal/importass/importass/inicio and access your personal area clicking on ‘Entrar en tu área personal‘ as shown in the screenshot below:

2.1 If you have a digital certificate, to log into your personal area, click onk ‘Certificado Digital‘ and select the certificate installed on your PC as shown in the screenshots below:

2.2 Otherwise, log in via SMS verification code clicking on ‘Vía SMS‘ as shown below.

 N.B. You should be able to use this option as long as you have registered a Spanish mobile number with the Social Security System.

2.2.1 Insert your data as request and click on ‘Siguiente

2.2.2 You will receive a 6 digits code on your Spanish mobile phone. Insert the code in the box as shown below:

3. Now you are logged in your personal area. On the top right hand side is shown your name and Social Security Number (Número de la Seguridad Social (NUSS)).

Below, your current job situation as registered in the Social Security System.

There are several useful reports that can be downloaded in this platform, in this guideline we are going to explain how to download the following ones: 

  1. To download your ‘INFORME VIDA LABORAL‘, namely your work history records, click on ‘ver vida laboral completa‘:

Here you will see the list of your job contracts. Click on ‘Descargar vida laboral‘ to get the report.

A PDF file will automatically be downloaded on your device. Voilà!

  1. To download the ‘ACREDITACIÓN DE LA AFILIACIÓN DE LA SEGURIDAD SOCIAL, return to the previous page and scroll down until ‘Tus Documentos’ and click on ‘Consultar documentos’:

Then, click on ‘Acreditación de la afiliación de la Seguridad Social

Another PDF file will automatically be downloaded on your device. 

  1. Finally, the ‘INFORME DE SITUACIÓN LABORAL ACTUAL indicates your current status at the Social Security and whether you are ‘de alta’ (working) or ‘de baja’ (not working). To download this document, return to the homepage of your personal area and scroll down until ‘Vida laboral e informes‘ and click on the corresponding link as shown below:

Click then on ‘Solicitar informe

A window with some of your details will appear. Click on ‘A través de este enlace obtiene el informe generado‘ and the PDF generated will be automatically saved on your device.

Well done!


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