Healthcare in Spain – How to apply for the Convenio Especial?

The Convenio Especial is one of the three main ways to access healthcare in Spain and it is administered at Autonomous Regions level.

Each region may have a slightly different procedure to apply for the Convenio Especial.


This article is only for orientation purposes and it does not represent any official sources of information. Please bear in mind that criteria may be different from an Immigration Office to another. For specialised advice on this matter, you may wish to seek individualised legal advice from an expert lawyer in the immigration field, or from the immigration department at your local town hall, at different organisations providing legal advice to third-country nationals, or at the Immigration Office (Oficina de Extranjería).

In the case of the Valencian Community (provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón), you can book an appointment in the following types of offices.

  1. In the official registry of an administrative body (it can belong to the General State Administration, it can be an administration of the Autonomous Communities or be part of the local Administration).
  2. Any post office. In this case, it must be presented in an open envelope so that the application form can be stamped.
  3. The registry of the territorial directorate of public health of your province (Registro de la dirección territorial de sanidad y salud pública – Valencia). See below the list of the three offices:
  • Alicante: C/ GIRONA, 26, 03001 Alacant/Alicante
  • Valencia: GRAN VIA FERRAN EL CATÒLIC, 74, 46008 València
  • Castellón: Address: PL. HORT DELS CORDERS, 12, 12001 Castelló de la Plana

You also contact these administrations by calling the 012.

Book an appointment in the Valencian Community:

To book an appointment access the following link:

Complete the required information indicating your province and personal data. See below an example:

Click on “Validar” at the bottom of the same page.

You will be directed to a page in which you will be asked to select the day from which you would like to book your appointment. You can also indicate the time. Once you have selected the date, click on “Seleccionar cita”.

A list of three available appointments will be displayed, you will have to select the most convenient for you and click on “Selecionar cita” as shown here below:

Documentation requested:

The documentation that you will have to bring with you to the appointment is the following:

  • Completed and signed form:
  • NIE or alternatively valid passport
  • Certificate of empadronamiento proving the effective residence in Spain for a minimum continuous period of one year 
  • Completed and signed SEPA Direct Debit Mandate:

Convenio Especial Agreement termination:

The Convenio Especial will be considered terminated in case one of the following conditions occurs. 

  1. When the person who has signed the special agreement acquires health coverage by a public health protection system by any title
  2. When the person who has signed the special agreement no longer resides in Spain or is no longer registered in any municipality of the Region in which they applied for the Convenio Especial.
  3. Due to non-payment of the first installment or the installments corresponding to two or three consecutive monthly installments.
  4. Due to non-compliance with any of the particular conditions established in the agreement.
  5. By decision of the person who has signed the special agreement.
  6. Demise of the person who signed the special agreement.

For additional information, please access the following link:

Information about Convenio Especial in other Autonomous Regions:

Here below you can find the links related to the Convenio Especial in some of the Spanish Regions.